Cooper welcomes funding approval for community projects

Sinn F�in councillor Mickey Cooper. (2103MM16)
Sinn F�in councillor Mickey Cooper. (2103MM16)

Sinn Féin councillor and party spokesperson on cultural legacy Mickey Cooper has welcomed the approval by council of joint Derry City Council/Arts Council legacy funding for a range of projects for the city.

The funding has been supported by the Department for Culture Arts and Leisure (DCAL) said Colr. Cooper claimed it was made possible because of Sinn Féin’s insistence that the criteria for the funding was amended to ensure smaller and community based organisations could apply.

“I am delighted that a number of organisations across the city have benefitted from this funding. When Derry City Council announced that these monies were being made available I insisted that the criteria would allow organisations who hadn’t benefitted from Arts Council funding or indeed ran large scale cultural projects in the past to apply for the funding.

“We also insisted that deadlines for applications were extended to ensure bids could be made in time. The result is a much more balanced and city wide allocation of monies than would otherwise have been the case.”

Colr. Cooper went on say that he is currently working with both DCAL and DCC to deliver more initiatives for the city.

“In addition a further £300,000 of funding has been ring fenced for a second round of applications for later in the year. This will allow new applications and revised bids by those groups who were close to success in this first round of applications. I am continuing to work with both the Department and Derry City Council on a number of further initiatives to ensure cultural legacy benefits all areas of the city.”