Coshowen community rota welcomed

Sinn Féin councillor Maeve McLaughlin has welcomed the setting up of a community rota in the Coshowen and Glendara areas of the city.

The rota was set up in an attempt to deal with recent problems with anti-social behaviour in the areas. The system will involve community activists taking to the streets in a bid to avoid some of the problems experienced by local residents recently.

Colr McLaughlin said: “Over the past few months there has been a steady build up of anti social activity in the Coshowen and Glendara area with wheelie bins and oil burners being stolen.

“Following a meeting attended by myself, Councillor Patrica Logue, and the residents we have agreed a community rota with local activists in order to prevent this type of activity.

“Many of the residents of this area are elderly or infirm and should be able to live their lives without fear and hopefully this new rota will ensure that they will have peace of mind again.

“I will also be working with the statutory agencies to ensure that there is a focus on the area.”