Coshquin 25 years on: ‘I will never forgive my husband’s killers’

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Kathleen Gillespie, the widow of Patsy Gillespie, a civilian worker in Fort George Army base, who was brutally killed 25 years ago this week, says she remains “full of hatred” and will “never forgive those who mudered her husband.”

The I.R.A. strapped him into the driver’s seat of a van carrying a 1000 lbs. bomb before forcing Mr. Gillespie to drive to an army checkpoint at Coshquin where the bomb was detonated, says she is still “full of hatred.”

Patsy Gillespie died instantly in the 1990 tragedy along with five British soldiers who were on duty at the checkpoint.

Speaking yesterday to the ‘Journal,’ just a day before the 25th anniversary of her husband’s death, Kathleen said: “My life is changed completely. Sometimes it feels like it happened yesterday and in other moments I wonder where the 25 years have gone.

“The stress of it all was making me ill and my doctor warned me to sort myself out. I was so full of anger and hatred.

“I still am, but I’ve had to realise that the good Lord will cope with that for me.

“But I will never forgive those who murdered Patsy,” she maintained.

In recent years Kathleen has devoted her life to working with peace and reconciliation groups and has just returned from New York with the ‘Theatre of Witness Programme,’ where she tells her personal story of the bombing in an on-stage monologue.

She continued: “My work keeps me going. I know I am doing good with it and know Patsy would be proud of the work I am doing. I feel his presence with me all the time and I talk to him all the time.”