Council approves £5,000 to light up Bloody Sunday memorial

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The Bloody Sunday memorial in Rossville Street is set to be relit at a cost of £5,000 in time for the 47th anniversary of the massacre of 13 innocent civil rights marchers on January 30, 1972, next month.

Derry City & Strabane District Council’s Business & Culture Committee green-lighted the move at their December meeting on Tuesday. It was raised at the committee by Head of Culture, Aeidin McCarter, who updated members on progress on a comprehensive survey of murals and monuments, which was commissioned last year to identify whether or not citizens would benefit from a ratepayer-funded flood-lighting programme.

Ms. McCarter explained that Louise Browne Associates are currently carrying out this ‘Audit and Analysis of Murals and Monuments’ with a report expected in the New Year.

Councillors recommended approval of the £5,000 for the Bloody Sunday monunment after receiving a request in advance of the January anniversary.