Council issues bonfire warning

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Derry City Council has warned local business owners and members of the public not to allow waste material to be burned on bonfires.

The call to secure material to avoid it being used for bonfires followed reports that material is being gathered in a number of areas of the city for bonfires.

A Council spokesperson said: “In the run up to the bonfires the Council work on the ground advising the public and the producers of waste to store waste securely and warning them of the dangers associated with burning materials. Officials are aware of the city becoming littered by old furniture, pallets, tyres and rubbish and at this time the Council embarks on a proactive campaign aimed at highlighting awareness and enforcement with many offending items being confiscated.

“The Council acknowledges that bonfires play an important role in local culture and heritage and is committed to working with statutory agencies and a number of groups in the community sector to ensure that bonfires and waste management are kept under control. The Council will continue with its proactive work informing the public and relevant sources of their duties under waste legislation and working to reduce the risks to public safety and the local environment.”