Council strikes its rate - 1.29% increase for Derry 5.2% increase for Strabane

Derry City Council have struck their rate.
Derry City Council have struck their rate.

Ratepayers in Derry will see an increase in their rates bills of 1,29% while in Strabane the increase will be 5.23% the Journal can reveal.

Members of the new Derry City and Strabane District Council met today to agree the new annual district rate which, with the regional rate, will result in an increase of 1.29% for ratepayers in the former Derry City Council area.

The new rate will represent a 5.23% increase for those living in the former Strabane District Council area. This increase is mainly the result of central government impacts and would have affected Strabane ratepayers even in the absence of the amalgamation of the two current Council organisations.

In spite of this, the average ratepayer in the new Council area will continue to pay lower rates bills than average ratepayers in the majority of other Council areas.

The majority of business ratepayers in the new Council district will also benefit from a reduction in their rates bill, following a revaluation of non-domestic properties.

The new rate represents an increase of £10.28 for the average Derry residential ratepayer and £37.46 for the average Strabane residential ratepayer. The vast majority of these increases have come as a result of central government impacts and the costs of convergence.