Councillors’ concerns over takeover figure

Councillor Paul Canning said the figures were a "disgrace."
Councillor Paul Canning said the figures were a "disgrace."

Inishowen’s councillors have hit out following confirmation 97 housing estates in Inishowen are awaiting takeover by Donegal County Council.

They were reacting to figures presented to them at last week’s Inishowen Municipal District meeting, at which they were given an update on the taking in charge of housing estates. There habeen 97 applications for takeover in Inishowen, with none as yet taken over in 2014.

Councillor Paul Canning said this was “a disgrace.”

He said: “This is going to be the biggest problem facing this Council going down the track.”

He added: “We’re sitting here with no estates taken over. There’s going to be serious, serious implications for us when we try and take them over and ask Irish Water to back us up.”

Councillor Canning said he received confirmation from Irish Water that they would not be taking over the estates,

“Who’s going to look after them? Who’s going to be getting the phonecall when the cr** is running down the street?” he said.

Councillor Jack Murray said he “shared Colr. Canning’s frustration at this inaction.”

“There are three estates in Bridgend which regularly have raw sewage running down the street,” he said.

Councillor Ryan said he had been informed these estates would be taken over by July.

“This is third world stuff which needs to be addressed,” he said.

He also referred to the fact that three unfinished estates in Inishowen - Gerard’s Way in Carn; Cois nAbhainn in Malin and Monreagh, Burnfoot, are currently programmed to completion to a standard that could be considered for takeover. The Council is acting as lead developer on Gerard’s Way, which the other two estates are being funded in partnership with private sector partners.

Councillor Martin Farren agreed. He praised the work of the planning department so far on the issue, but asked that a workshop be held regarding housing estates in Inishowen.

Councillor Bernard McGuinness said it was “just crazy these issues are not being sorted out.”