Councillors demand clarity on Culmore

Sinn Fein councillor Tony Hassan.
Sinn Fein councillor Tony Hassan.

In a joint statement Sinn Féin Councillors Tony Hassan and Elisha McCallion are calling on Derry City Council and the Planning Service to let them know the current position regarding the planning application for the sports and community development of the Ballynagard area.

“We have been waiting for over a year to hear if the application has been approved,” said Colr. Hasan.

“Facilities are needed in the Culmore area and a decision should be made as soon as possible,” added Colr. McCallion.

Colr. Hassan and Colr. McCallion went on to describe the development of the area as “a matter of urgency” as they both believe that the current facilities and infrastructure are not up to scratch.

“There is an urgent need for a master plan for the Culmore area to address the total lack of facilities and infrastructure there,” said Colr. Hassan.

“We need to see movement from the various agencies to ensure that this becomes a reality,” he added.

Colr. McCallion said: “Culmore is an area with a growing population, a very young population, and which has been lacking in community facilities across a wide range of issues for many years. We simply can’t ignore the needs of the people of the greater Culmore area. 

“We believe if we all put our minds to this collectively we could see something in place that can create long-term benefits not only for the local community but also for the wider population of Derry and the bordering county of Donegal,” she concluded.