Couple praise men for rescuing them from house fire

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A couple rescued from a house fire in the Rosemount area of Derry has thanked the men who ‘saved our lives’.

Regina Fallis, who was sleeping in bed at the time the fire broke out, praised Gary Smyth and Stephen McCallion for their quick actions,

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

“I had gone to bed early and I could hear this knocking. Gary was banging at the outside window trying to get us up.

“Charlie was asleep on the sofa and the soot was black everywhere. But Gary was able to get in and drag him out,

“He saved our lives.”

Gary explained how he spotted the fire. “I was walking back from the shop and could see the flames coming out of the air vent. The door was locked but I was able to break it open and help get Charlie and Regina out safe.

“The fire brigade was here within minutes, they were fantastic.”

Charlie McAdams was taken to hospital to receive treatment for smoke inhalation.

SDLP representative for the area, Councillor Shauna Cusack said, “I would like to commend the fire service for their swift response to what could have been a tragedy for more than one family. Given this was a ground floor flat the potential implications could have been disastrous. When I arrived at the scene I was relieved to find out that no one was seriously injured and the occupants are currently being examined for smoke inhalation. This incident again highlights the need for all of us to be aware of fire hazards in the home and never to leave pots and pans unattended.”

Independent councillor for the area, Darren O’Reilly said, “I would like to commend the bravery of two local men for their quick thinking and rescuing both occupants. If it wasn’t for the two men’s actions we could of been dealing with a fatality.”