CPO for Cockhill land

Donegal County Council is intending to progress the land transfer ahead of construction of the new Cockhill Bridge, via a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), it has been confirmed.

Seamus Hopkins, senior executive engineer for Inishowen provided an update on the construction of the new, three million euro bridge to county councillors at the recent Inishowen Municipal District meeting.

Mr Hopkins said the Council was currently “in negotations” in relation to land transfer and there were “issues” in relation to title. He added that an uncontested CPO would provide clarity in relation to this.

He told councillors: “We’ve been having a number of meetings with our legal representatives and they’ve been in contact with legal representatives of the land owners. The best way we can progress is a CPO. This gives us clarity in relation to title and we’re hopeful the landowners would be agreeable to that. An uncontested CPO gives us clarity around title.”