Crackdown on teen boozers in Glen area

The Derry Civic Alcohol Forum have provided an update on a pilot programme aimed at tackling the problem of underage drinking in the Rosemount and Glen areas of the city.

Eamonn Toner, Senior Environmental Health Officer with Derry City Council and programme manager for the Civic Alcohol Forum, says: “As part of the initiative, all groups in the area and surrounding areas have devised an activity programme for young people over the summer period, which is currently being highlighted through an associated activity directory aimed at providing an easy reference guide to what’s on for young people in their area during the summer.

“We are hopeful that this will go some way towards reducing the nuisance and anti-social behaviour in the Rosemount and Glen area.”

As part of the initiative, the PSNI have increased the number of high visibility patrols and local community groups are engaging with young people who may drink in the Rosemount and Glen areas.

Engagement of off licences and pubs have also been made to discuss problems associated with adults buying alcohol for those who are underage.