Crackdown promise on Inishowen beach litter

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A local councillor has vowed to protect Inishowen’s greatest assets by imposing fines the ‘Journal’ has learned.

Inishowen Sinn Fein councillor Jack Murray has called for greater measures to be taken in order to project Inishowen’s beaches following a recent visit to one of Greencastle’s busiest beaches.

“I was recently contacted by a resident in Greencastle who was concerned about ongoing damage to Sweet Nellies Beach,” said councillor Murray.

The young councillor said he was disgusted when he seen the current state of Sweet Nellies beach just outside the village.

“I was disgusted to see huge scorch marks, broken bottles, even clothes scattered around the beach.

“Unfortunately it seems there are some people who are damaging our beaches by starting bonfires and leaving litter such as glass bottles behind them.”

Colr Murray said he will not give up on this and will continue to lobby Donegal County Council to do something about litter situation.

“I am going to lobby the council to erect signage around Sweet Nellies Beach which will warn these people of potential fines for littering.

“I am also going to ask for hidden cameras which have been used to catch litterers in the past to be installed.”

A popular place for tourists, it is worried that the current condition of Sweet Nellies Beach, which is situated just in front of the Greencastle Golf Club, will have an adverse affect for tourism in the local area,

“Inishowen’s coastline is our greatest asset in attracting tourism. Our entire coastline is dotted with some of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland.

“Our beaches are a public amenity. Everyone should enjoy them but no one has a right to destroy them. I would ask anyone who has similar concerns to contact myself or any member of Sinn Féin.”

Despite his disgust, Colr Murray says he understands there isn’t much facilities at the beach for people to dispose of their rubbish.

“I understand that there is a lack of facilities on the beach which can be used to dispose of litter.

“I will be asking for these facilities to be installed also.”

Colr Murray has asked for the community to get behind him and to contact their local office should they see any other signs of littering in order for him to get on top of the problem as soon as possible.