Crash recreation proposal for city centre

SF Councillor Eric McGinley.
SF Councillor Eric McGinley.

Sinn Féin Councillor Eric McGinley has welcomed a proposed road safety event in the city centre organised by Outer West Youth Forum.

The initiative is expected to take place at Guildhall Square on Saturday, March 25.

Speaking about the project, Colr. McGinley said: “Outer West Youth Forum has been awarded funding from the PCSP [Policing and Community Safety Partnership] to assist with the organising of a major event in Guildhall Square highlighting the dangers posed by death driving and car crime.

“The event will involve the showing of a DVD prior to the staging of a mock road traffic collision highlighting an issue which directly impacts on young people and their communities.

“I would take this opportunity to commend Outer West Youth Forum for the leadership being shown around such an important issue.”

The move follows a number of recent incidents across the Greater Shantallow and Ballymagroarty areas in which young people have been spotted joyriding or driving at high speed in cheap ‘runaround’ cars, which have then been set alight. The event will form part of a wider drive involving various agencies to promote road safety among young people in particular.

Back in December Colr. McGinley spoke on ongoing issues across the area with ‘death drivers’ and those using quad and scrambler bikes recklessly.

He said at the time that local people must be allowed to live without this “nonsense” on their doorsteps, adding:“Many of the residents I have spoken to have said there is a real fear in the local community we are only a split second away here from a terrible tragedy.”