Creggan bongs find ‘worrying’ - Campbell

Sinn Fein councillor Kevin Campbell pictured with local resident, Raymond Brown.
Sinn Fein councillor Kevin Campbell pictured with local resident, Raymond Brown.

A local Sinn Fein councillor has hit at those reponsible for leaving drug taking paraphernalia in a back lane in Creggan.

Councillor Kevin Campbell was contacted earlier this week by a local resident who found used ‘bongs’ (water pipes used for smoking drugs) while out walking with his grandchild in the Bligh’s Gardens area.

Colr. Campbell said: “I was contacted by a resident who lives in Bligh’s Gardens, Raymond Brown, who told me he was out walking his grandchild around the block as it was a nice evening and as he went around the back lane he saw a number of used ‘bongs’.

“Raymond contacted me immediately and as soon as I went to where he found the bongs I had them destroyed,” explained Colr. Campbell.

Several weeks ago a similar incident occurred when fellow Sinn Fein councillor, Colly Kelly, was contacted by a Creggan resident after a child found a smilar object near their home.

“The back lanes in this particular area are used regularly by young people for underage drinking but this find is something new and a very worrying development,” sadded Colr. Campbell.

“ The children are still off on their school holidays and are out playing in these lanes and the green beside it every day.

“For them to come across drug paraphernalia of this sort is totally wrong.”

Colr Campbell insisted as a result of the find he will be asking for the Bligh’s Gardens area to be marked as an “area of concern”.

“I will be raising this issue at the next community safety sub group with a view to having it marked as an area of concern for both the PSNI and the Community Safety Wardens. The protection of our children is paramount when it comes to drugs.”