Creggan clean-up work welcomed

Community workers in Creggan have welcomed a scheme which saw local young people working to improve the area.

The work was carried out as part of a partnership between Youth Intervention, the Triax neighbourhood management team, and the Housing Executive’s ground maintenance team.

Ciaran Wilkinson from Youth Intervention said: “This is a continuation by the young people from the area to become involved in a more positive and constructive way within their community. Many negative things can be said about our young in the media but when given the opportunity, they can prove to be as positive an influence in the area.”

“This type of work cannot be done every day however the boys have showna willingness to participate when the opportunity arose.”

Local Sinn Féin councillor Kevin Campbell also welcomed the improvement work. “The Eastway Road, or as it is normally known as the New Road, is a very important area as it is the gateway to Creggan and this new planting scheme at the top of Eastway Road and Blighs Gardens will help to enhance the area and complement some of the other schemes that have already been done such as the Wild Flower Meadow planted by Eco Seeds on the field at Eastway Road and the shrubbery beads planted by the Housing Executive.”