Creggan pipe bombers labelled as “not human” and “animals”

Noeleen and Christy Tarr pictured with Tommy McCourt, centre. INLS1314-108KM
Noeleen and Christy Tarr pictured with Tommy McCourt, centre. INLS1314-108KM

A woman who was inside a house when a pipe bomb type device exploded inside her car has labelled those responsible as “animals” and “not human”.

Noleen Tarr was in the kitchen of her home in Carrickreagh Gardens in Creggan on Wednesday night when she heard a loud explosion outside.

Noleen and her son, Christy were the only two people at home at the time of the incident.

“The people who did this can’t be human. How could they be? As far as I am concerned they are nothing but animals,” she said.

The incident happened at approximately 10.40pm on Wednesday evening and the ‘Journal’ has been led to believe that the device had been planted inside the car shortly before it exploded.

Ms. Tarr’s son, Christy, had been the target of a punishment style attack by republicans several years ago but speaking to the ‘Journal’ yesterday afternoon, Christy claims republicans were not behind Wednesday’s attack.

“My past is in the past and I have moved on from all of that and everything has been going really smoothly these last few years,” said the local entertainment worker.

“I’d a run in with republicans a few years ago and when this happened on Wednesday I contacted the Rosemount Resource Centre and representatives there made contact with the different organisations and they stated they were not behind the attack at my home,” he said.

“The reason I have come to the ‘Journal’ is to make sure people out there know I am not in any trouble with republicans. The people behind this are just criminals.”

Tommy McCourt from the Rosemount Resource Centre told the ‘Journal’ that after meeting with Mr. Tarr and his mother, he made contact with recognised dissident republican organisations to see if they were responsible for the attack.

“We have been operating a programme called ‘Time to Choose’ and it allows us at the Rosemount Resource Centre to act as intermediaries between certain groups and certain individuals.

“This process was used with Christy Tarr a few years and as far as we were concerned everything was going smoothly. When we made contact with these organisations they assured us that they were not behind the incident.

“Violence should not be used to resolve such issues and we see what has happened as a worrying development. The last thing we want is this sort of thing happening on our streets,” he said.