With Gardai saying they believe they know the identities of the gang responsible for a series of attacks and robberies on older people in their homes and expect to make arrests soon Buncrana’s Garda boss said yesterday some robbery victims ‘never recover’ from their experiences.

Urging people to be vigilant Supterintedant Eugene McGovernment said it was unfortunate that a lot of current crime was aimed at older, vulnerable people.

Yesterday a man in his early 20s was charged in relation to a number of burglaries in Buncrana over the weekend.

A number of cars were broken into on the Cloncool estate in the town on Friday night and following a Garda raid on a house two men were arrested.

The second man arrested, also in his 20s, remains in Garda custody

Local councillor, Ciaran McLaughlin was loud in his praise for the actions of the Gardai.

He said: “I was speaking to one family who woke up and went downstairs to find their house ransacked. They were saying that they were in shock and felt violated by the break in but they also were relieved that they didn’t waken and confront the burglars.

He added: “The Buncrana Gardai deserve high praise When the family rang them they were on the scene very quickly and made 2 arrests in the space of a few hours,. People will sleep better at night knowing the Gardai are on top of things”

Speaking with the ‘Journal’ yesterday Supt. McGovern said for the peace of mind of the local community they were happy with the arrests.

But he added: “Crime prevent is a lot more effective than crime detection.

“People should be aware that there are opportunistic thieves out there so don’t leave your windows open, or a key in your door and don’t leave valuables in a car where they can easily be seen.

“A lot of the older people, particularly, never recover from being a victim of crime.”

Supt McGovern said some sensationalist reporting was not helping either.

He said: “While I’m not downplaying the seriousness of the crimes we have done our statistics and the crime rate for these type of robberies is actually down. People are also being caught and appearing before the courts.””

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