13-year-old breached bail going out for a smoke

A judge has told a 13-year-old boy who breached his bail by going out for a smoke he is a ‘silly little boy’.

District Judge Barney McElholm made the comment as the teen appeared at the local magistrates court yesterday.

The boy, who cannot be named because of his age, is charged with the burglary of Long Tower Primary School on January 8.

He was initially remanded in custody because there was no bail address but was released with a number of conditions last week.

The teen was ordered to abide by a curfew and wear an electronic tag,

An investigating officer told the ocurt that a number of breaches of this curfew were detected on Wednesday night. Each breach was no more than ten minutes long.

When police called to the boy’s home he told them he had been out for a smoke.

District Judge McElholm said smoking was a ‘filthy habit’.

He asked the boy’s parents why he was allowed to smoke as it will ‘ruin his health’.

District Judge McElholm released the boy on bail but told him he was not allowed to go outside, even for a smoke, during the hours of curfew.