£2,500 stolen after followed outside bank


A teenager who stole £2,500 from a man after following him from a bank has been jailed for eight months.

John Timpson, of Jefferson Court, pleaded guilty to the theft of the money on January 17.

Derry Magistrates Court yesterday heard the injured party had gone into a bank in Shipquay Place to cash two cheques for work.

CCTV from the bank showed Timpson standing in a queue and paying close attention to the man.

When he left the bank, the 19-year-old followed him and grabbed the envelope containing £2,500.

The court heard the injured party gave chase but never caught up with Timpson, who eventually made his way to the bus depot.

He got onto a broken down bus and offered the driver £20 to take him to Omagh.

He was arrested a short time later and when police conducted a search of his room they discovered diagrams, maps of city centre streets, fake tattoos, mention of an alibi and a change of clothes.

During interview, Timpson claimed he went to the bank to find out why he couldn’t withdraw money but couldn’t remember what happened the rest of that day.

Defence counsel Mark Reel said the 19-year-old, in his “naivety and stupidity thought this would be an exciting, glamorous way of stealing a substantial sum of money”.

However, the barrister told the court the reality was “starkly different” and Timpson “deeply regrets ever going down this course”.

Jailing the teenager, Deputy District Judge Oonagh Mullan said: “This is no ordinary, straightforward case of theft.

“There was a susbtantial amount of money involved and I have no doubt this was a pre-meditated offence”.