21-year-old bit woman during assault


A 21-year-old who bit a woman twice during an assault has received a suspended sentence.

Sean Paul Michael Rogan, of Fergleen Park, pleaded guilty to common assault and criminal damage between February 13 and 16.

Derry Magistrates Court heard there had been an incident where Rogan kicked a glass panel in a door, however this was not reported to police.

He later climbed in through a window in the injured party’s house to ‘apologise’ for his behaviour.

Rogan pushed the woman against a wall and she banged her head. The court was told the woman ‘felt sick and was struggling to hear’.

The 21-year-old caused further damage to a door, smashed a glass on the ground and pushed a TV over causing it to smash.

He then grabbed the woman by the throat and bit her on the ear and on the lip.

Rogan also spat at her during the assault.

Defence counsel Stephen Chapman said this was an ‘alcohol fuelled’ incident and ‘things got out of control’ because Rogan had consumed too much alcohol.

Suspending a four month sentence for two years, District Judge Barney McElholm ordered the 21-year-old to pay £1,000 compensation.