41 year old fined for assaulting police officers

A 41 year-old Derry man was fined £450 and given a conditional discharge for two years after being convicted of assaulting and obstructing police officers who were attempting to arrest his son.

Gary Hayden, of 9 Tyrconnell Street, pleaded not guilty to three charges of assault on police officers and three counts of obstructing police but was convicted following a contest.

The charges arose from an incident in April when PSNI officers arrived at Hayden’s home in order to arrest his son in connection with public order offences.

The PSNI officers said that Hayden refused to allow them to search the house and said they needed a warrant. The police witnesses said when they explained they did not need a warrant Hayden became agitated and aggressive.

The 41 year-old claimed he had been been calm and that it was the police officers who had been aggressive. He also claimed one of the police officers swore at him which was denied by the officers involved.

The police claimed Hayden physically obstructed officers and adopted a “boxing stance” before being subdued by officers. The court heard that CS gas spray was used on Hayden during the incident. District Judge Barney McElholm said; “I believe that he did push and shove officers, which are technical assaults.”

Hayden was fined £150 on each assault charge and given a conditional discharge for three years.