5,000 caught speeding on two city roads

Culmore and Dungiven Roads are among the top speeding fine hotspots in Northern Ireland.

Both routes combined saw almost 5,000 motorists caught speeding in 2012.

That equates to more than £270,000 pounds in fixed penalty notices paid out by Derry motorists for breaching 30mph speed limits in the city.

At Dungiven Road, which is governed by a 30 mph speed limit, the camera snapped 2,531 speeding drivers last year - equating to £151,860 in £60 fixed penalty fine payouts.

At Culmore Road, which is also governed by a 30mph limit, a camera caught 1,999 drivers using excessive speed - culminating in a total of £119,940 in fixed penalties.

Both routes were in the top 35 speeding hotspots in Northern Ireland for 2012.

In 2010 1,248 speeding drivers were snapped by speed cameras at Culmore Road with 1,876 caught there in 2011. A total of 2,126 speeding drivers were caught at Dungiven Road in 2010 with 2,728 picking up fixed penalty fines for the offence on that route in 2011.

In addition to the camera detections, during 2012 police also issued 5,885 fixed penalty notices for excess speed and dealt with a further 2,422 drivers through the discretionary disposal scheme.

The figures were released by the PSNI. However, The police have not disclosed how much revenue has been raised from speed cameras since they were introduced on the North’s Roads.

A speeding fine attracts a £60 penalty but there are higher variations depending on the severity of the offence and how the case is dealt with if it ends up in court.

Penalty points can also be added to the speeder’s licence but drivers are offered the option of going on a speed awareness course.