62 year old banned and fined for drink driving offence


A woman who admitted drink driving has been disqualified for a year.

Patricia Moran, of Ramore Gardens, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol on April 20.

Derry Magistrates Court heard police were in the Bligh’s Lane area when the 62-year-old drove passed them with no lights on.

The officers noticed she was trying to turn the lights on, but was using her signals instead.

The car swerved ‘all over the road’ and eventually stopped.

Police spoke to Moran and noticed the smell of alcohol and a breath test gave a reading of 60mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath.

Defence solicitor Eugene Burns said his client had been the victim of a ‘brutal assault’ a few months before and when she heard banging coming from her back garden ‘fear took over’ and she got into her car.

Disqualifying Moran, Deputy District Judge John Connolly said it was an ‘unfortunate set of circumstances’.

He also fined her £150.