91% of litter fines for dumped cigarettes

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Discarded cigarette and cigar butts were responsible for the overwhelming majority of fixed penalty notices (FPN) for littering in Derry and Strabane last year, new figures reveal.

The data released by Derry City and Strabane District Council (DC&SDC) in response to a Freedom of Information request show that 116 irresponsible smokers were the subject of 91 per cent of the 127 FPNs dished out in 2018.

Just 82 per cent (104) of the total amount of penalty notices, meanwhile, were paid.

And there were 20 prosecutions for failure to pay in 2018, the Council has advised.

With the full price of an FPN set at £75 but discounted to £50 if it is paid within ten working days the revenue raised from these enforcement actions would have fallen somewhere between £5,200 and £7,800 last year.

Far fewer FPNs were issued for anotherirritating and unseemly blight on the city and district’s environment and public cleanliness: dog fouling.

Just five FPNs were served on heedless dog owners who were caught allowing their domestic pets to make a mess of the city streets in the whole of 2018.

Eighty-percent of these penalty tickets (4) were paid and no-one was prosecuted for failing to cough-up.

Penalties for dog fouling in Derry and Strabane are set at £80 but this falls to £50 if the fine is paid within 14 days.

Thus, between £200 and £320 was raised by dog fouling FPNs over the year, according to the the information released by the Council.

Derry City and Strabane District Council continues to urge people to have pride in their local areas, refrain from littering and clear up after their dogs.

“Littering pollutes our environment, makes our community dirty and costs us money to clean up,” DC&SDC points out on its website.

“This money could be spent on other valuable local services. We want people to love where they live, keep it clean and when it comes to litter - bin it,” is its message.