97 previous convictions

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A man with 97 previous convictions, who stole portable speakers from a supermarket, has been jailed for four months. Steven Devenney, of Bonds Hill, pleaded guilty to one charge of theft on September 25, last year.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard the 30-year-old went into a Tesco store with two friends. Devenney placed the speakers worth £10 into his pocket and walked out without paying. He was challenged by security staff and claimed it was a mistake because he thought his friends had paid for them.

The court heard Devenney has 97 previous convictions and was in breach of a suspended sentence for similar offences.

Defence counsel Steven Mooney told the court his client made an ‘impulse decision’ to steal the speakers to fund his addictions.

He revealed the 30-year-old was now barred from Tesco.