Accused of threat to kill

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A man accused of breaching a court order and threatening to kill his ex-partner has been released on bail.

District Judge Peter King released 45-year-old Jeffrey Peter Harkin on bail after he heard that he had been in the house at the woman’s invitation.

Harkin, of Fern Park, is charged with criminal damage, making a threat to kill and breach of a non-molestation order on May 13.

An investigating officer told Derry Magistrate’s Court she believed she could connect Harkin to the charges.

She then told the court Harkin had been at the house, in breach of the order, after the woman invited him.

Judge King immediately said he would grant the defendant bail as ‘this strikes me as completely and utterly ridiculous’.

He warned the 45-year-old not to have any contact with the woman, even if he is invited or she contacts him.

Harkin was released on his own bail of £500, banned from being drunk in a public place and banned from entering the area where the alleged injured party lives.

He will appear in court again on June 17.