Addict jailed for theft and threats

A alcoholic and heroin addict has been jailed for three months for threatening security staff at a local supermarket.

James Robert Magee, whose address was given as Milltown View, Drumahoe, pleaded guilty to theft, making a threat to kill and common assualt on April 24.

The 54-year-old admitted further charges of theft, common assault, disorderly behaviour and criminal damage on September 3.

Derry Magistrates Court heard that Magee stole a bottle of mouthwash from Tesco in April. When he was detained by security staff he threatened to shoot him if he wasn’t allowed to leave the store.

Magee became agitated when police arrived and gave officers an address that didn’t exist.

In September, Magee stole two bottles of aftershave from Boots, Crescent Link. He was challenged by security staff but refused to remain in the store.

Police were contacted and when officers approached him Magee became abusive.

The court was told Magee was also aggressive towards officers and made remarks, including some of a sexual nature.

He also kicked out at an officer as he was being restrained and spat in the police vehicle.

Defence solicitor Paddy McDaid told the court his client is originally from Derry but is now living in England. He said Magee committed offences while here visiting family.

He revealed that Magee is addicted to alcohol and heroin and is a “vulnerable adult”.