Alarm raised after ‘bizarre’ incident

Police were called to Dungiven this week after the alarm was raised about a “bizarre” report of a masked individual wearing a cloak, wandering around near a local primary school.

The resident alerted police on Monday afternoon after seeing the individual walking through Finvola Park at around 2pm.

A short time later she spotted the person again as she walked to the school. The woman said she could see the person had their face covered with a mask, still wearing the white cloak, and Converse shoes. The woman said the individual was walking towards the primary school on Curragh Road and, as they neared it, the person stopped for a few seconds, then turned and walked down the side of the school towards the play park.

“It was bizarre,” said the woman, “really creepy. I just thought, ‘what is going on?’ someone walking on their own in the middle of the day wearing a mask like Bin Laden in a cloak! I had to report it because I thought it was really strange and, if something happened to one of the wains, I would’ve had that ony conscience.”

Police subsequently carried out enquiries in the area, but a PSNI spokesperson said “there was no sign of the person described”.

The woman added: “I was petrified when I saw the person. You hear all the time about things happening in places and just because Dungiven is a small town doesn’t mean it can’t happen.