Alleged rape victim weeps in court


A woman wept in court yestserday as she was shown a photograph of a room where she claims she was raped.

The complainant broke down several times while giving evidence to a Derry Crown Court jury of seven women and five men in the trial of Stewart Alson Ward.

31-year-old Ward, of Lyndhurst Road, denies raping and sexually assaulting the 21-year-old on June 26, last year.

The jury heard evidence that the woman had known Ward for some time and considered him a “friend”.

She claimed she had been out with friends on the night of the alleged rape and as her friend drove her home they spotted 31-year-old in the Bond Street area of the city.

The woman told the jurors that they stopped and spoke with the 31-year-old and he asked for a lift home.

As they took him home, he invited them in for a drink. The complainant accepted the invitation but her friend refused.

She said they went into his bedroom, sat on the bed talking for a while and both of them had a glass of water to drink.

The woman claimed that at one stage Ward kissed her and she kissed him back.

However, she alleged that his hands were then “all over me touching me everywhere” and he began to force her legs apart.

She wept as she told the jurors Ward told her to “wise up” when she said she didn’t want this and asked him to get off her.

The woman said Ward was “too heavy” to push him off her and claimed he then raped her.

She alleged that she told him to stop and to get off her and “all that was going through my head was I could not have this person’s child”.

Under cross-examination by defence QC Martin Rodgers, the woman denied that she was interested in having a relationship with the 31-year-old.

The complainant said she didn’t go into Ward’s house that night because she was interested in him, but “because we were friends. I was going to sit having a bit of craic, chatting”.

The trial, which is expected to last into next week, continues.