Anger over joyriding in Creggan

The damage caused by joyriders at Ballymagowan Avenue. DER2814-132KM
The damage caused by joyriders at Ballymagowan Avenue. DER2814-132KM

A house in Ballymagowan Avenue was left with structural damage after a car, driven by joyriders, ploughed into its front wall in the early hours of this morning.

The householder was at work at the time of the crash - but according to Sinn Fein councillor Colly Kelly now feels unsettled in her home - which she had only recently been awarded after ten years on the housing waiting list.

“Thankfully the lady who lives at this address was not in at the time and her young daughter was being cared for elsewhere. She is still very shaken by the whole thing - having come home from work to find her fence destroyed and structural damage to the front of the house.

“This woman had to fight hard to get this house and was delighted to have been housed in the new development and while this incident was not directed at her it has soured the move for her.”

Colr. Kelly said the incident occurred at around 1.30am on Thursday and followed on from an incident in a nearby house.

A number of cars were also damaged as the joyriders drove through Creggan.

“No one wants this. It only takes a couple of people to give an area a bad name,” Colr. Kelly said.

The new Chief Constable George Hamilton, in Derry today, said of the incident: “There are no winners in a story like this. Police are not going to talk in a triumphalist way about the number of charges out of this.

“These are lives being damaged, young people ending up in custody and ending up with criminal records which will affect the employment and travel opportunities.”