Appeal for massive support for Plaza’s ‘Public Information Day’

What has been described as a ‘Public Information Day’ is to he held in the Plaza Ballrooom, Buncrana, tomorrow. A number of events have been organised by the local social research group, ‘Forum4Change’ and they have appealed for a big turnout to ‘protest and protect’ the community against what they have described as ‘unfair stealth taxes and debt burden’ now being placed on ordinary working people in this country

According to a spokesperson it will be a lively and busy schedule of events. Between 2pm to 3pm there will be a live leaflet distribution to the public outside the Plaza by members of “Forum4Change” and JoeMurphy 25 MPH “Dail Walk”

Between 3pm and 5pm there will be a a screening of the documentary ‘Freedom to Fascism’ by the highly acclaimed filmmaker Aaron Russo. .

Between 5pm to 6pm there will be a talk by Ben Gilroy, now known as “the man who stopped the Sheriff “ following the stopping of an eviction in Laois recently.

At 6pm to 7.30pm there will be a presentation by James O Sullivan entitled “Why you don’t have to pay the household tax, you are sovereign”

The last event of the day starts at 8pm when Anrai O’ Raghallaigh leads a talk on “Sovereignty, Law and Debt Solutions.’

The growth of the protest movement across the country has accelerated in recent times. James O Sullivan has been active as one of the founding members of ‘Occupy Waterford’ which he helped set up last year. He has been travelling the country delivering his presentation on what the difference is between what is lawful and what is legal, what the difference is between national sovereignty and individual sovereignty, especially in relation to the household tax. The spokesperson explained: “James recently called the website and asked the agent if there was any lawful obligation to pay? There was a pause before the agent agreed that there was no lawful obligation but there is legislation. His current presentation explains in detail the reason for that answer from the agent and the difference between the two.” Anrai O’ Raghallaigh (Harry O Reilly) is a founder member of a group called We the People Ireland ( Along with Billy Maguire promotes and keeps alive the turning of the sovereign seal ceremony every year in the Mansion House in Dublin, with the Indian Ambassador and the Dublin Lord Mayor in attendance. This bit of Irish history is not very well known and seems to have been airbrushed from the history books for some very strange reasons.

Harry will explain the significance of this and other important issues during his talk on debt and sovereignty.

Ben Gilroy “the man who stopped the Sheriff “ in the recent (now gone viral) youtube video see here- is now confirmed to talk at our public information day.

In a recent interview Ben said:- “I was pleased to be a part of a protest which stopped an eviction going ahead in County Laois yesterday, 20th February. a group of 30 to 40 people from the Defend Our Homes League, Freedom from All Debt, and the Anti Eviction Task Force mounted a peaceful protest which persuaded the deputy sheriff and his merry men (two Gardai and a guy in a suit, no doubt representing Ulster bank) to give and try again another day

“The house was being repossessed on behalf of a Bank. the repossession order was granted not by a judge, but by the local court registar, who also happens to be the county sheriff,”

For more information see the Facebook Event page here-

Or ring 0879585950, “Forum4Change” meet ups are last Monday every month Atlantic Bar Buncrana.