Arson attack at traffic lights

Brian Tierney at the scene of the arson attack.
Brian Tierney at the scene of the arson attack.

Those who set fire to traffic lights in the Steelstown area were today branded stupid.

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney condemned those behind the vandalism of the lights on Madam’s Bank Road on Sunday night.

He said: “These lights are there to enable people to cross this busy road safely. That they were left unusable this morning meant pedestrians were left to cross four lanes of busy traffic without any safety precautions.

“It was particularly upsetting to hear that schoolchildren, particularly those making their way between Earhart Park and Steelstown Primary School, were put at risk because of this pointless act of vandalism.”

Colr. Tierney added: “Those responsible must now reflect on the consequences of their actions.

“Their stupidity could have resulted in a serious accident this morning.

“I will be contacting Transport NI to communicate that repairing these lights is a matter of urgency. Every day they are left inoperable is another day of unnecessary risk to pedestrians.”

The arson attack occurred close to where new traffic lights were installed at Bradley’s Pass in Shantallow following a campaign by residents and politicians over safety concerns for traffic and pedestrians. The lights at Bradley’s Pass became operational last month.