Assaulted in front of their child

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A 29-year-old who assaulted his ex-partner in front of their son has received a suspended sentence.

Manus Keith Patrick Daly, of Ballinacross Meadows, pleaded guilty to common assault on March 8.

Derry Magistrates Court heard that Daly went to collect his son from his ex-partner and an argument ensued.

As he was walking towards his car with the child, the 29-year-old threatened to ‘smash the injured party’s face in’.

The woman went to say goodbye to her son and Daly pushed her forehead before pushing his elbow into her right eye.

She sustained a small cut and bruising as a result.

Defence solicitor Maeliosa Barr told the court it was a ‘disgraceful incident’ but there was a background to it.

He said his client had been having ‘considerable difficulty’ getting contact with his child and this incident was ‘a result of frustration’.

Mr Barr said there was no history of domestic violence between Daly and the injured party. He added the 29-year-old ‘deeply regrets this incident’.

Suspending a three month jail term for 18 months, District Judge Barney McElholm said to do this in front of a child was ‘absolutely scandalous’.

He said his views on domestic violence are ‘well know. It will not be tolerated. This is no way to resolve these types of issues’.