Ballyarnet Park ‘torn up’ by quads

One of the pedestrian entrances to Ballyarnet Country Park.
One of the pedestrian entrances to Ballyarnet Country Park.

A debate has started around the controversial use of quads and scrambler bikes in one of Derry’s best known parks.

Concerned members of the public contacted Foyle MLA Pat Ramsey to highlight the issue this weekend.

One woman drew comparisons between other parks in the city and said the use of such items on a similar scale wouldn’t be tolerated.

The local woman said: “I walk there daily and love the beautiful park. Many people I know walk there with the kids or animals. There’s also a pony club there and old people going for a quiet stroll have had to stop going as there’s kids and adults tearing up the greens. They dont slow down when they’re approaching you. I have dogs who are terrified and there’s no one to turn to. These people are destroing a beautiful park, they wouldn’t get away with doing this in St Columb’s Park so why do it at Ballyarnett?”

Another resident added: “Today there were van loads of people with kids and teenagers with quads tearing up the greens making it a muck bath some of the adults were standing behind little kids on the quads. I was forced to the edge of the path as they raced past me with no consideration for me or my two dogs who were barking and scared.”

Local SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney, who sits on the Ballyarnet Country Park steering group has pledged to raise the issues with the councillor officer who oversees the running and upkeep of the park.