Battle of the (Bogside) bins

The uncollected bins in Glenfada Park which have led to a stand off between residents and Derry City Council.
The uncollected bins in Glenfada Park which have led to a stand off between residents and Derry City Council.

A stand off over bin collections between Bogside residents and City Council refuse collectors, finally came to a head yesterday.

Residents of Glenfada Park complained their bins had not been not emptied for an entire week, as they had been left a few feet from the designated collection area.

Locals contacted the ‘Journal’ to complain about the issue.

“Two weeks ago we were notified that our bins had to be left on the edge of the pavement, facing in one direction. If we do this they block the path, are knocked over and have in the past been set alight,” said local Susannah Toland. “We left the bins out last Tuesday night for collection on Wednesday morning but the binmen drove past them. The bins were lined up against the mural by the shop in Glenfada Park not right out at the edge of the path but we are talking about three feet of a difference here.

“The things are on wheels, it shouldn’t be a drama. A second collection was arranged with Council but again they failed to empty the bins. It is ridiculous that they can’t wheel bins a few feet.

“I’ve lived here 13 years and have had to replace my bin on a few occasions after they were set on fire during the night. “

A spokesperson for Derry City Council Waste Management section stated Council is committed to providing regular refuse collection services to each and every property within the council area, adding: “In response to a recent incident in Glenfada Park where a number of bins were not at their designated collection points meant that the refuse collectors were unable to empty these bins on two separate occasions.

“After consultation with residents Derry City Council can now confirm that these bins will be collected and emptied by the refuse collection services this afternoon from their designated collection point.”

The Council also advised that any member of the public experiencing difficulties with collections or with any other concerns regarding bin collection arrangements to call Waste Management Services directly on 028 71 374107.