Bogside man headbutted postman

A Bogside man who admitted headbutting a postman has been ordered to spend 18 months on probation.

Robert Emmett Canning, of Abbots Walk, pleaded guilty to common assault and three further charges of assaulting police on August 19, last year.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard that the 28-year-old passed the postman as he was making deliveries on Shipquay Street, and said “here comes the postman with my dole cheque.”

The Royal Mail employee ignored the comment and went on with his rounds. However, as he made his way back down the street Canning headbutted the postman.

Police were called about the incident and the 28-year-old was arrested a short time later.

As he was being arrested he lashed out at an officer hitting him above the left eye. He also attempted to headbutt two other officers when they restrained him.

Defence solicitor Maeliosa Barr said Canning had very little recollection about the incident, but knew his actions were “despicable.”

He said the 28-year-old has had difficulties with alcohol since he was a teenager and is the sole carer for his elderly parents.

Mr Barr urged the court not to send his client to jail, even though “these offences would merit a custodial sentence.”

Judge Barney McElholm ordered Canning to spend 60 hours on community service and pay the postman £120 in compensation.