Bonfire gang damage Creggan business premises

Conal McFeely of Creggan Enterprises.
Conal McFeely of Creggan Enterprises.

A gang of up to 30 youths, who it’s believed are collecting materials for a bonfire in the Bogside, have caused damage to premises at a business park in Creggan.

The spate of vandalism took place this week at Ráth Mór Business Park. Several premises were targeted.

The youths, some of whom were wearing masks and hoods to disguise their identity, damaged security fencing and stole dozens of pallets from the park.

It’s understood some of this has been captured on CCTV.

Conal McFeely, of Creggan Enterprises, says the thefts and vandalism have caused “serious inconvenience” to local businesses.

He says it has also alarmed older residents who live in secure accommodation on the site.

“These young people are endangering themselves by scaling walls and fencing to break into businesses,” he said.

“They are then costing these businesses their hard-earned money by damaging properties and stealing materials, and they are also distressing the residents of Brickfield into the bargain.

‘I, and a number of business owners from the park, challenged these young people and they ran off. We want to ensure, however, that there is absolutely no repetition of this behaviour as we approach the summer months.

“We would appeal directly to the young people to consider the harm they are doing to their community and to respect local businesses.

‘We would also ask parents, community groups working with young people, and the statutory organisations to help us nip this problem in the bud.”