Boys and girls in organised gang fights in Derry estate

Elisha McCallion in Galliagh.
Elisha McCallion in Galliagh.

A warning has been issued that organised gang fights are taking place across a Derry estate.

Sinn Féin Councillor Elisha McCallion has warned that a number of organised fights have taken place amongst young people in the Galliagh area over recent nights.

Councillor McCallion described this as “a very worrying development”.

She said: “In recent nights there have been organised fights which have attracted large groups of young people into the Galliagh area.

“These fights have taken place at several locations. Both boys and girls have been involved.

“Residents are fearful of where this is all going to end up and that someone will get seriously injured.

“I am calling on the PSNI to put a special focus on what has been happening here, before it spirals out of control with a particular attention to what is going on with social network sites,”

Colr. McCallion added: “There is also the whole aspect of parental responsibility.

“I hope by highlighting what has been happening here that parents will start asking questions, make interventions and find out if their children are getting caught up in these incidents.

“On many occasions peer pressure has a lot to do with young people getting caught up in all this.

“There needs to be a collective approach to try and bring an end to this as speedily as possible before there is a tragedy.”