Bridgend family traumatised by gun gang

An Inishowen based Derry man has claimed his wife is refusing to return to their Bridgend home after they were terrorised in the family home by gun wielding robbers on Sunday night last.

And Kevin Doherty, who owns a number of small businesses in the city, says the raiders were ‘happy’ his 18 month old daughter was in the house at the time as they used her presence to intimidate them by threatening, on several occasions, to shoot her.

Mr. Doherty, who owns a mobile shop and several beauty salon type businesses, said his family ordeal began last Sunday night at 7.30 when the three man gang, two armed with hand guns, entered his home and said ‘Kevin, come with us’.

Speaking yesterday he said: “They kept threatening to shoot me, my wife and my baby if I didn’t tell them where the safe was. I told them they didn’t know me well enough if they thought I had a safe. They took me to every room in the house, even to the attic.

“When they came in they used tape to bind my hands behind my back and forced me on to my hands and knees.”

It is understood that eventually the gang gathered up cash and stock in the house to the value of approximately £6,000. On leaving they took Mr. Doherty’s Saab car and it was obvious, he said, they didn’t know that particular make of car as they had to ask him where the key went. They drove him to an isolated area where they let him go but warned him not to contact the police or gardai.

He was adamant the robbers were local stating they spoke with local accents.

He also says he is less than happy with the co-operation between the PSNI and Gardai following the incident claiming the former refused to perform forensics on his car claiming it was a matter for the Gardai as the incident had occurred in the Republic.

But it is the fallout from the robbery that Mr. Doherty is most concerned about.

“They can come back and shoot me if they want.

“My wife doesn’t want to go back to the house - definitely not.

“She says she’s not going back.

“The house cost a fortune to furnish but she doesn’t feel secure there anymore.

Someone mentioned more security but she says what difference would that make when you are facing people armed with guns.”