Broke doorman’s nose after being asked to leave at 3am

A Polish man who broke a doorman’s nose has been given a suspended jail term.

Patryk Jan Pazola, of Whitethorn Drive, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm on December 2, last year.

The local magistrates court was told the 34-year-old attempted to get into a Waterside bar at 3am in the morning but was asked to leave by a doorman.

Pazola left the bar. However when the doorman began closing the door he was punched twice in the face.

It was revealed that the injured party sustained black eyes and a broken nose as a result of the assault.

During police interview Pazola claimed the injured party had been physically abusive to him and he only struck out in self-defence.

Defence counsel Patrick O’Kane said there was a ‘degree of provocation’ but his client “shouldn’t have behaved in this stupid, drunken, foolish, irresponsible way”.

District Judge Barney McElholm suspended a five month jail term for two years and ordered Pazola to pay the injured party £300 compensation.