Broke neck after jumping on car

Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66
Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66

A man sustained a broken neck after he jumped on the bonnet of car and the driver of the car continued to drive to get him off, a court has heard

Dale Gerard McMonagle, of Capall Court, pleaded guilty to tampering with a motor vehicle, jaywalking, disorderly behaviour and obstruction of a road.

The offences were committed on October 9, last year in the Strand Road area of the city.

Derry Magistrates Court was told the 20-year-old was ejected from the Strand Foyer and he began violently kicking at the door of the injured party’s car.

He then went into the middle of the road and jumped on the bonnet of the injured party’s car as it approached.

The court heard McMonagle punched the windscreen of the car several times and attempted to pull the window wipers off.

The driver continued to drive to get McMonagle off the car.

Defence solicitor Ciaran McGuinness told the court his client sustained a broken neck in the incident and was in hospital for four months.

He added the defence had made the case that the injured party should also be before the court.

Mr McGuinness said this was because there was a ‘distinct break in behaviour from trying to get the defendant off the car and driving at him’.

District Judge Des Perry adjourned sentencing for a probation pre-sentence report because there are ‘obviously issues’ that need looked at.

McMonagle will appear in court again on August 22.