Broke windows in home of ‘snob’

A woman who threw stones at a house causing damage in excess of £1,000, because she believed the resident to be ‘a snob’ will be sentenced next month

Rebecca Bishop (22) of 4, Pine Street, Derry admitted causing criminal damage to the house and disorderly behaviour on August 9.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard that police observed the defendant throwing stones at the house and when they told her to stop she told them to ‘f--k off.’ The resident of the house then told police that glass in her door had been smashed as a result of Bishop’s actions.

Bishop admitted the charges to police and said she didn’t know the resident of the house but believed her to be ‘above herself and a snob.’

District Judge Barney McElholm asked for a pre-sentence report on Bishop who will be sentenced on October 9.