Burglaries a priority for police in Derry

Chief Superintendent Stephen Cargin, G District Commander. (1202PG07)
Chief Superintendent Stephen Cargin, G District Commander. (1202PG07)

Police in Foyle say their priorities in Derry and the North West for the new financial year will be on reducing the amount of burglaries affecting elderly and vulnerable people.

Senior police say that in setting the targets for the year ahead the PSNI “set out the issues that have been identified as important to local people and how police will respond to them in providing personal, professional and protective policing to all in the community.”

Chief Superintendent Stephen Cargin, the District commander, said: “No plan can fully reflect the wide range of activities police officers undertake every single day, but it does give a snapshot of our intentions in relation to some particular issues. With your support we want to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, improve the satisfaction with the service you receive and protect vulnerable people.”

The plan details how, in Derry, police will be working with the Policing and Community Safety Partnership to develop initiatives aimed at reducing the number of burglaries, particularly those involving older/vulnerable victims will be a focus for police. Officers will also focus on the number of anti-social behaviour incidents and seek to develop joint initiatives with other agencies. Another objective is to protect victims of hate-related crimes and those with a domestic motivation by increasing outcome rates. Foyle officers will also work with the PCSP to develop an initiative to reduce the number of non-domestic violence crimes, with an emphasis on issues surrounding the night-time economy.