Burning of Sandbank bins condemned

Sinn Fein's Sandra Duffy
Sinn Fein's Sandra Duffy

The burning of residents’ bins on the Sandbank Cottages area has been condemned.

Sinn Féin representative Sandra Duffy hit out at those responsible for the incidents over the weekend.

A total of four bins were destroyed in the arson attack.

Ms Duffy said: “This has been a very upsetting incident for many of the local residents.

“The burning of the bins left an awful mess for residents and council staff to clean up.

“The one thing that I am sure of is that those behind this incidents didn’t burn their own wheelie bins but have subjected others to a financial burden of having to replace their household bin.

“People can ill afford to be spending money on continually replacing their bins.”

Ms Duffy also thanked Derry City Council for their quick response in assisting residents.