Campaign to catch drug dealers nets support

Residents of Bovalley in Limavady met with local police recently to discuss how they can help a new campaign aimed at netting drug dealers.

The PSNI’s Neighbourhood Team took the “Don’t Turn a Blind Eye To It” campaign, along with the District Policing Partnership to the Bovally Community House craft group.

Officers displayed drug specimens and were quizzed by residents on how they can help tackle drugs in their area.

Sergeant Christopher Noble said the message at the heart of the joint initiative involving Limavady District Policing Partnership and local police is about working together to keep the streets and neighbourhoods drug free.

“Information supplied by any members of the public may be a final piece of data that enables police to conclude an investigation; alternatively, it could be new information that the police are unaware of, but could lead to a new enquiry,” he said. “You may not see immediate action, but it is all used to build a jigsaw which will be acted upon.”

Questions aimed at the public in the campaign include:

“Do you know the address of the property or place where you suspect drug dealing is taking place?

What vehicles do you see coming and going and at what times - licence plate details are key.

At what times do you notice increased activity around the property/place and are you aware of what types of drugs are being sold?

“Help us take drugs out of circulation by reporting any suspicious activity at houses or street corners in the area where you live,” said Sgt. Noble. “Noisy parties, callers at unusual hours and windows that are always covered up can be an indication of suspicious activity.”

DPP manager, Linda McKee said everyone is aware of what happens around their homes, “but we also need to be keep our eyes and ears open when we are out walking and visiting our friends”.

“No information is ever too small and if you have any information about drug dealing, or any form of criminality, you can contact your local Neighbourhood Team directly on 07585 979 194,” she said.

Alternatively, if someone would prefer to provide information without giving their details, they can contact the independent charity ‘Crimestoppers’ and speak to them anonymously on 0800 555 111.