Car arson could have been fatal - councillor


Arsonists who set a car alight in Galliagh before rolling it towards a number of homes could have caused fatalities, SDLP councillor Jimmy Carr has said.

A Ford Fiesta at Altcar Park was ignited on Monday night and rolled down a hill in front of houses, including the home of Councillor Carr.

The local SDLP representative strongly condemned those responsible, saying: “If it were not for a grass verge stopping the car from rolling further towards a residential area, we may have been looking at fatalities this morning.

He added: “I am absolutely outraged that this act of wanton violence and destruction has taken place in such a built-up area of the city.

“A car was set alight between Altcar and Bloomfield and rolled down a pathway narrowly missing houses. We could well have been looking at a tragedy if the car had not been stopped by a grass verge.

“I would call on those responsible to think about what position they put the community in last night, and to desist from any further instances of anti-social behaviour.”

Police in Derry are appealing for information following the arson attack.

The car had been left in the Bloomfield Park area. Shortly after 5.20am it was reported that a Ford Fiesta was set alight. The car was completely burnt out.

Councillor Carr added: “Anyone with any information on this incident should contact the local PSNI Community Policing Team.” Police are appealing for information regarding the incident to telephone them on 0845 600 8000 or they can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.