Car burning appeal

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SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney has appealed to those involved in the burning of cars in the Galliagh area to stop terrorising the local community.

The local councillor made the comment following the latest incident in which a car was set ablaze in the Elaghmore Park area on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

At approximately midnight, two youths poured a flammable liquid over an Audi car and set it on fire.

Councillor Tierney said: “I was contacted on Tuesday morning by residents in the Elaghmore park area to report a burned out car which was very close to a children’s play park.

“This type of activity is becoming all too common, and is very distressing to local residents.”

Colr Tierney added: “There is a lot of good work being carried out in this area by community groups and political parties to improve the image of Galliagh.

“This work will continue, but incidents like this only make things more difficult for everyone involved.

“I contacted police this morning about getting this vehicle removed from the area as soon as possible as burned out cars left lying around can breed anti -social behaviour which, again, is something we are trying to stamp out in this area. I would appeal to anyone involved in this type of activity to stop terrorising the local community.”