Car crash drama leaves £40K damage

The damage inside Muse Salon, Limavady, after the crash on Friday night. 0604SJ78
The damage inside Muse Salon, Limavady, after the crash on Friday night. 0604SJ78

The owner of a hairdressing salon in Limavady claims it is a “miracle” no-one was hurt or seriously injured after a potentially “nasty” crash into the front of the premises.

The single vehicle accident happened around 11pm on Friday night on the one-way Linenhall Street. The car smashed into the front of the building, careering into the shutter, leaving it badly mangled. The electronic glass doors were shattered, with shards piercing products on shelves.

Owner, Lee Devine said because everything in the building is linked to the fire alarm system, damage from the drama is estimated at between £30-40,000.

“We’re glad the salon was closed. It’s not worth thinking about what could have happened if had been during the day,” he told the Journal.

“The reception desk is at the front of the premises and if there had of been children around; it could have been nasty.”

Hairdresser Mark Rice said the busy salon did open briefly on Saturday, once inside was cleaned and made safe, to accommodate local children making their confirmation.

“There was a good bit of damage. The glass pierced the products by the door. It was everywhere,” said Mr. Rice.

It is hoped the damage will be repaired by the end of next week.

In the meantime, customers can access the premises from the back entrance.

“It’s a miracle no-one was hurt, or worse, because at that time of night there would have been a lot of people walking on the street, going to Sweet nightclub,” added Mr. Devine.

A PSNI spokesperson said at approximately 11pm on Friday, 30 March Police received a report of a one-vehicle road traffic collision in the Linenhall Street area of Limavady. It is understood this vehicle had crashed into business premises, causing substantial damage.

Enquiries are continuing.