Co Derry man robbed by bogus police officers

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A scam in which two people impersonated police officers to rob a man in Co Derry has been described as “devious and convincing.”

The theft, at a house in Seacoast Road, Magilligan, was reported to police around 7:30pm on Tuesday.

It is understood two men dressed as PSNI officers called at the house saying they were investigating counterfeit money and asked the man to hand over any notes he had.

Both men wore yellow coats with the word Police written on the back as well as caps with a police badge. They also wore yellow rubber gloves.

A PSNI spokesman has urged people to check the ID of any caller.

Limavady Mayor Gerry Mullan said the theft was “one of the most devious and convincing scams” he has heard of.

“People won’t question anyone turning up at their door wearing what looks like police uniforms. It shows how daring and devious these dastardly criminals are when they don a replica police uniform and pass themselves off as officers. To wear rubber gloves shows they had even thought of not leaving any fingerprints or trace of their presence.

“It is a very scary development in terms of deception and obviously one of the most convincing ploys that can be adopted because no-one is really going to question police officers especially when they are told they are conducting an investigation. “

He continued:“It is very worrying that someone would attempt to act as a police officer which in itself if a criminal offence. I think this is a very well-rehearsed scam and not one that was done randomly, which is very concerning.

“I would ask people to be very vigilant, particularly elderly people living in isolated areas. They need be very careful as to who they speak with and always ask for clear identification, and make sure they have their homes well secured after dark.”