Colr McCallion calls for ‘drug drop off’ boxes

Sinn F�in councillor Elisha McCallion. (1102MM16)
Sinn F�in councillor Elisha McCallion. (1102MM16)

A drug collection box should be installed in Shantallow to remove illegal and unused prescription drugs from the community, a local councillor has said.

Sinn Féin councillor Elisha McCallion made the call after the success of similar schemes in other parts of the North.

“I believe that we must be using every mechanism to get both illegal or unused prescription drugs off our streets and out of cupboards away from harms way,” the PSCP member said.

“We have seen in other areas were there has been the introduction of what are commonly known as ‘drug drop off’ boxes. There, people can safely and anonymously deposit drugs in a drug box safe.

“I am calling for the introduction of such a drop off box in the greater Shantallow area and I believe the likes the Northside Shopping centre is both accessible and an ideal location for such a scheme to be in place,” she added.

Colr McCallion said the initiative would complement the work of others groups working to tackle the city’s drug problem.

“The damage that drugs can do to individuals and communities is well known in Derry. It only takes one ecstasy tablet or one experiment with cocaine to cause death. Too many families have been impacted by such tragedies.

“The social effects of these drugs on communities are also well known with addictions leading to higher levels of crime and higher levels of social care and rehabilitation needed for users.

“Combining the ongoing work of the PSNI in removing these drugs supply routes along with education programmes for our young people is the key to eradicating drug misuse,” she explained.